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Welcoming you in the biggest dairy farm of Haryana, where you can fulfill your requirements according to your core business. We are the leading murrah buffalo supplier in Haryana. Our first aim to just provide the best cow and buffaloes to our customers. Our partners and customers are fully satisfied with our business and services. We are namely famous by Haryana murrah buffalo supplier in Haryana. In our routine life animals are also very important and they give alot things to us. We always keep care them for securing from bad living. Our expertise always care them for right fooding, hygiene and all the things they need. 

Our aim is just not taking profit from our customers, we follow the whole economy and environmental responsibilities towards our animals. We are the famous cow farm in Haryana. We are supplying cows and buffaloes all over the India. There are lots of dairy farms in Haryana but our dairy farm is the largest cow farm in Haryana. We have totally prepared the shelter and needed things properly for taking care them fully. People use to come their for any help relating to our cow and buffalo handling. We are the oldest and biggest dairy farm in Haryana. 

Our expertise employees take care them lovingly and calmly. People use to come there for watching how to take care properly cow and buffaloes. Our minimum range is 8-10 cow and buffaloes and maximum. You can also contact for price, negotiate and services for better serving. we serve our services to all over India. Our priority is only kept safe and healthier our cows and buffaloes. our cow farm in Haryana is the best place for dealing in cow and buffalos for your dairy farm. Keeping safe the animals our biggest responsibility. We always keep care for them about their shelters and fooding etc. Our employed person for taking care them are very well mannered and calm who handle our cow and buffaloes calmly and lovingly. Our tricks and methods are the very lifeful for our animals. We are selling them on a very low cost.

We are the largest hf buffaloes supplier in Haryana, we always keep care for our animals because they are very important for our business and daily lives. We are the top most for murrah buffalo seller in Haryana. We gave the best foods and medicine for their greater productivity. Our farms in Haryana is quite famous for animal safe living. We are the top most famous in hf cow supplier in Haryana and we are playing the quite nice role in supplying the best cow and buffaloes to dairy farms Read more...


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